Besides being the solid international music label of head honcho Daniel Sanchez, Bla Bla Music focusses on club nights and events.

It was 8 years ago, when Bla Bla hosted its first club nights in Studio 80 in Amsterdam. These events  were highly attended and were a great success, mainly because minimal techno really was booming at that time. In 2009, Daniel Sanchez decided it was time to expand Bla Bla to an actual electronic music label. It succeeded to be the music label as we currently know it.

Bla Bla Music releases its records both digital and on vinyl and focusses mainly on minimal and techno. Every month a digital record is released and every three months a vinyl release comes out. Now, five years later, Bla Bla Music is known for having released records of  international artists like Paco Osuna, Metodi Hristov, Mihai Popoviciu, Hector Couto, Karotte, Pig & Dan and of course Daniel Sanchez.


At this moment, Bla Bla hosts various club nights and events all over the world. 

They also organize bigger parties on new year’s and Kings ‘day  like ‘Rotzooi’ and ‘Het Ultieme Sjonnie & Anita verkleed festijn XXL’ in the Westerunie

In 2015 Bla Bla started a new initiative, We are the music makers. This is a collective were the more talented artists from all over Europe are connected with. 
Also, you can enjoy Bla Bla’s artists on a regular base with the Analogue 2 Analogue podcast series. Recent DJs, from various countries, put together a set in our studio and it's vinyl only.